Sights & Sounds of Christmas - Newark, OH
December 7, 2006 Sights Sounds Volunteers Sponsors Food Pantry Network


Plymouth Church
5 North Fourth Street
Newark, OH


Minister: Reverend Fred Lippiatt
Church Moderator:  Pat Negele
Worship Services: Adult Bible Study, Sunday at 9:30 a.m.,
Children's Sunday School at 10:00 a.m., and Church Service: 11:00 a.m.

     We would be pleased to have you join us on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. for a candle-lighting service.

Before you leave the sanctuary, please look up and observe the stained glass window you were seated under.  It shows a cross and a crown.  Just as Jesus carried his cross to receive his Father's heavenly crown, may we, as God's children, carry our earthly cross to receive our heavenly crown.

Thank you for your participation in this annual event!

     The following information is provided through research by Mrs. Don (Sallie) Stobart. 

     Plymouth Congregational Church was organized on May 21, 1879.  Reverend Samuel Wolcott, D.D., was the founding moderator, and the organizing council met at Newark City Hall.  The church was a member of the Central Ohio Local Association of Congregational Churches, on of the early churches established in America.
     The church flourished in the early part of this century, with worship attendance averaging 200 and Sunday School enrollment at 250.  The church grew to more than 750 members.
     The first church building was a frame structure located at 55 N. Fourth Street in downtown Newark in 1884.  The current church structure was erected in 1909, a beautiful Gothic edifice of Bedford Stone.  Today, its capacity is about 400, including the balcony.
     The stained-glass windows, which were shipped from Italy, are one of the attractive features of the exterior of the church.  The north window represents the landing of the Pilgrims, and the east window represents John Robinson's farewell address on the Speedwell.
     One of the focal points of the sanctuary is the pipe organ.  The original organ is of the pneumatic electric type and was considered the finest organ in the city.  It was purchased for $3,500.
     Like the Pilgrims depicted on its unique stained glass windows, Plymouth Church has a significant place in history.  It originated as a people dedicated to Christian worship in the Congregational tradition.  We have experienced both glories and failures and have learned from both.


Our Covenant
Faith in God
Fellowship in Jesus Christ
Freedom in the Spirit


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