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Luminary Setters, Lighters, Retrievers


The churches at 5 Points set and retrieve their own luminaries. The Second Presbyterian Church, Trinity AME, Trinity Episcopal, and First Presbyterian set and retrieve their own plus areas adjacent to their churches.
There are other spaces that require luminaries. And retrieving these  luminaries are Boy Scout
Troops 2, 4, 9, 11 and 13.
Ticket Sellers on Shuttle Buses

Shuttle Buses are provided by Second Presbyterian Church and First United Methodist Church.
Ron Bower from the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau is handling this.  Ron Bower can be reached at 345-8224 or

Ticket Sellers at the Door

Rick Black from the Second Presbyterian Church is in charge of this.  Rick can be reached by email at

Stickers for the Tickets
See above.
Caboose Walkers

Call 740-258-3524 if you are interested in being the end of a group.

Flyer Distribution

Call 740-258-3524 if you would like to distribute flyers or if you have a location for one.

Ticket Distribution/Money Retrieval

If you want to help, email Jo Deweese at

Pulpit Announcements/Bulletin Inserts

We have an email list for most of these.  Some have to be delivered.  If you would like to do this the first of November, call 740-258-3524.

Radio Spots

Cindy Hollis and Pastor Rauch will be doing radio spots.  If you would like to do a spot or have an outlet for our event, let us know 740-258-3524.

News Releases to Print and Radio/TV

Ron Bower and Barbara Gilkes do these.  If you have any additional thoughts, call 740-258-3524.

Jeff Gill and Brandy and Brittany Harris are our lamplighters.  If you would like to be an understudy, let us know.  Call 740-258-3524.  We will put you on a list.

If you would like to be featured at our event, call 740-258-3524.  We will put you on the list for 2014.

Tickets, Flyers, Inserts, Pulpit Announcements, Freedom Years Inserts, etc.

Vicky Crist of the Chamber of Commerce does all of these.  If you want to help Vicky, donate paper, or make a suggestion,  call 345-9757.



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